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1. What does your business need from a web host?

A web host is a company that sells computer storage space (server space) that allows Internet users to visit and download a version of a website.

If you're starting a new business, you definitely need some kind of website. Based on what your business sells, you will need different types of web hosting. Ask yourself these questions while you search for web hosting for your business:

  • Do I already have a website?
  • What kind of budget do I have for my business's website?
  • Do I want to sell anything on my new website?
  • Do I have experience with designing websites?
  • Do I have experience running web servers?

2. Business Web Hosting Solutions

There are many different varieties of web hosting services for business. A standard website for a business should offer the following features for a price of around $7 a month

  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • 1 FTP account
  • Email Addresses
  • Control Panel Access

"Unlimited Disk Space"

Most web hosts, with their smallest plans, offer unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth, but these types of shared hosting plans predict a steady stream of traffic. Make sure you read the terms of service and make sure that you speak with a customer service representative before you buy to go over contingency plans for what will happen if you site has a massive influx of visitors.

Most web hosts that offer business cheap web hosting will offer shared web hosting. Shared web hosting means that your site is stored with several other sites on the same computer; it's an economical way for web hosts to store many different websites.

FTP is an acronym that stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is a way that you can put files onto your website.

Email address are email address to you at your website. For instance, a contact on this page could go to webhost@123business.com.

Control Panel Access is very important if you're not skilled at working with computers; it gives you a graphical interface with which to change your website.

3. Choosing between web hosts for your business

There are some additional factors that you should consider when choosing your web host

  • Contract Length
  • Domain Names
  • SSI Secure Certificate
  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Linux vs. Windows hosting

Most web hosts will give you a discount based on a contract length for multiple years of web hosting. You do have to pay up front to get this discount.

Domain names are the name of a website (like 123business.com). Domain names vary in price. Many web hosting companies are domain name registrars and can register your domain for around $10 or so. Using a different top-level domain (so .info instead of .org) can make your website much less inexpensive.

An SSI secure certificate and shopping cart software are a necessity if you want to make sales on your own website. The security certificate costs around $50 for a year and it allows you to carry out secure credit card transactions over the Internet.

Most web hosting providers offer Windows and Linux web hosting. There is not much of a difference between Windows and Linux web hosting if you are not going to be a lot of modification work on your web server.

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