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Simply signing up for a domain and hosting a website isn’t enough to make a name for your business on the Internet. To start showing up at the top of searches, it’s integral that you use search engine optimizations, or SEO, tools and tricks. Avoid scams that will penalize the ranking of your site when you use these helpful tips!
Keywords, keywords, keywords
Check search engines to see what keywords relevant to your business are being searched for often. This will give you an idea of what you need to focus on when writing content for your site. Be as specific as possible, but also include some more general keyword options. Some of the keyword combinations may seem unlikely, but people really do search for them so be sure they are included when possible!
Keywords in title tags and content
Once you compile a list of the top keywords, it’s important that you include them in your title tags. Search engines focus heavily on the title tags of your page, and it will only benefit you if your keywords are included. Keep the title tags as clean as possible by not including unnecessary information so the keyword density is high. Also be sure to include whatever keywords you used in the title tag at least one or two times within the page’s content for the utmost relevancy.
Routinely add content to your site
Your site may start off small, but don’t let it stay that way. Routinely add more content to your site and make sure it’s relevant. Include a blog that will help site visitors learn more about your products on a day to day basis. More pages provide more opportunities for you to plug in keywords without overloading your main pages.
Avoid Black Hat tricks
Black hat tricks may seem like a great idea, but they're just a short cut that will hurt you in the long run. Be sure to make all of your keywords and content relevant without overloading your site. If you continue to add fluff to your website just to rank higher, you may see your site disappear from search engines altogether! Analyze how you can boost your search engine credibility without doing anything that Google wouldn't approve of.

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