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Five critical small business marketing tips.

Now that your business is up and running, it’s extremely important to get the word out. Use creative and effective marketing techniques to grab the attention of your desired customers. Consult our helpful list of tips that will point you towards a successful marketing campaign for your company!
One – remember your target customer base
While big businesses create advertisements to generate future sales and boost their image, your small business should focus on getting customers NOW. Don’t worry about creating a lasting impression before people have even stepped into your store. Send out promotions and special offers to get people to come by and check out what you have to offer first, and let them promote your business for you!

Two – cater to your existing customers

Encourage repeat visits to your business by creating deals for your existing customers. Use a mailing list to send out email newsletters, let repeat customers know about products before they’re even out, or send them discounts to use on their birthdays. They’ve already shopped with you once, so give them incentive to keep coming back!

Three – use unconventional marketing methods
A really unique or unusual marketing idea is sure to grab the attention of customers more than a regular old newspaper ad! Create a flyer or brochure to send out to your target market with a catchy slogan and attractive colors. Keep the information simple and succinct. Customers don’t want to read a lengthy advertisement so be sure to highlight what you want them to know in just a few powerful words!

Four – promote with other small businesses

Small businesses are in a unique situation – you want to get the word out to your target customer base without spending too much money. Consider partnering with another small business and combine the cost of sending out brochures and flyers while promoting both of your products. Through another business’ connections, you may even reach a client base that you hadn’t previously considered!

Five – offer different versions of your most popular products

Customers know about your store and you’ve found unique ways to advertise – now you need to get your products moving! Offer premium or cheaper versions of your top products to appeal to a variety of customers. Promote a stripped down version of a product for customers more concerned with lower prices than top quality. Also feature a premium version for those shoppers who are willing to shell out the extra dollars for a more comprehensive product or service.
Try one, two or all five of these marketing tips to promote your small business! A little creativity and networking can go a long way if you can encourage your customers to make return trips for your products and services.

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