Social Media 101

Demystifying Social Media

Social networking for small businesses.

As social networking sites continue to dominate the Internet, now is a great time to start advertising your business products and services on the web! Many sites are free and allow you to share upcoming events, product news and special promotions to a mass audience with little effort.
Easily sign up with a free blog hosting site and start chronicling what goes on with your business! As new products come in, post pictures and little bits of information to interest customers. Will your store be hosting a special event? Invite people by posting all the details in one simple place. If you’re having a big holiday sale, encourage people to check out your store by highlighting the great deals they can snag. Also use this opportunity to feature links to other small businesses and encourage them to do the same. The more you network, the more traffic you’ll see on your site which ultimately means more customers!
People tweet every second of their lives these days. See what they’re saying about an experience with your business when you sign up for a Twitter account. Did they love the customer service? Are they impressed with your product? Re-tweet what they have to say, letting them know you appreciate their feedback. Encourage customers to follow you by tweeting about upcoming offers and new products exclusive to them. Use Twitter to keep users updated but make sure you don’t over-tweet! No one wants to log in and be overwhelmed with tons of information from one source.
Facebook is no longer exclusive to the college community of the world! While you may have a personal profile, did you ever consider creating one for your business? It’s easy to do and is another great way to get your products and services exposure on the web. Facebook is unique in that it offers a variety of ways to promote your business aside from a basic profile. Create a group, a page and even create event invitations that all of your business’ friends can see. Encourage friends to invite friends to groups and events and watch the number of people interested in your products and services soar to new heights!
You can find anything on YouTube. Now it’s time to promote your business there too! Create an account and upload a friendly introduction video about your business. With web cams and simple movie editors on practically every computer, it’s more convenient than ever to create clips about your products and services. Include how-to videos, customer testimonials and even a quick tour around your store! Link to YouTube clips on your blog, Twitter and Facebook to attract traffic and introduce your friendly face to the whole wide Internet!
Social networking is a great way to increase your business’ presence on the web, but make sure you combine it with one on one customer interaction as well. The Internet can only do so much for your company if customers aren’t pleased with the service they receive when doing business with you!

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