Understanding VoIP

Understanding VoIP

How VoIP can save your small business money.

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is the most affordable and efficient way to communicate for small businesses! A traditional business phone line is expensive and unnecessary for a small company looking to get started and VoIP is a great alternative. With a number of great companies and plans to choose from, the right VoIP service for your business is just a quick installation away.
With the VoIP market expanding on a daily basis, there are an unlimited option of plans to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on long distance calling or want the convenience of taking your number with you wherever you go, VoIP plans can offer you just that. For a low monthly price, many plans even offer unlimited nationwide calls and international calls can be made at just pennies per minute. Watch your business expand as you make calls freely knowing that your monthly bill won’t exhaust your bank account!
Keep in mind that if you plan on switching to a VoIP service, your traditional phones will no longer be of use. When exploring VoIP for your business, look for a company that offers a great plan AND free hardware. Many companies will provide you with adapters, phones and headsets free of charge when your service is activated. Get everything you need to get started from one place and have your small business’ VoIP service up and running in no time.

Traditional business plans often cheat you in the features department if you choose the most basic option. However, with VoIP service for small businesses, you can have access to all the basic features and a ton more! No longer sit through a long menu just to hear a message of someone hanging up – you can get your voicemail right to your inbox using VoIP. Use an automated phone receptionist to direct customers to the correct extension. Whether you have five or fifty people working with you, VoIP offers a number of extensions to keep everyone connected. You can even use your phone number from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a WiFi connection!
Watch your small business reach new heights when you combine your great products and services with an affordable VoIP plan. VoIP companies have created plans ideally suited for up-and-coming businesses looking to keep costs low! With top quality connections and reliable equipment at your fingertips, you no longer need to purchase “big business plans” to keep your company afloat!

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